Gunmetal Grey
Race Perussinexian Eidolon
Birthday Longsun the 12th
Height 179.1 cm
Weight 90.6 kg
Affiliation The Creators
Occupation --
Headquarters The Grey Citadel
Marital --
Family Diane Lillethun (Half-Sister)
Eidolon Stareater (Father)
Elizabeth Lillethun (Half-Sister)
Jon Lillethun (Adopted Father)
Josephine Stareater (Half-Sister)
Stephanie Grey (Mother)
Unknown Stareater? (Half-Brother)
Unknown Stareater (Half-Sister)
Unknown Stareater (Half-Sister)
Education Formal, Advanced, University
Mundane Cooking; Emapthy; Writing
Combat Hand-to-Hand; Sword; Thaumaturgy
Power Catalyst Control; Creatorian Thaumaturgy
Languages Kai; Zyndar
Aliases Zeta
Represents Greyson Yandt
Zeta Serial --
Grey House Existent

Gunmetal Grey is the Perussinexian incarnation of Raekai of Song from the New Multiverse as opposed to the Creator from the Old Multiverse. He is the main character of the Gunmetal Grey Saga of the Zeta Saga Serial.


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Zeta Saga SerialEdit


Talents and skillsEdit




Catalyst Control: As an Eidolon, Gunmetal has the power of Catalyst Control, something he doesn't discover until after he accepts Cedric the Hunger as a part of him. His aura is a gold color and his focus is his necklace. After losing his standard Thaumaturgy, it takes a while for Gunmetal to adjust to this power. It wasn't until he merged with Cedric the Hunger that he fully realized its potential.

  • Raekai's Song: This is his fully realized Catalyst Control power that he also calls G or his G-Power. Using Cedric the Hunger as his weapon, he is able to cut through the soulspirits of others, giving or taking power.

Creatorian Thaumaturgy: Since he is the incarnation of Raekai, Gunmetal is able to tap into his power of Creatorian Thaumaturgy through Cedric the Hunger. The element he is attuned to is Song, which allows him access to a wide range of Magick and Psionicks. In the beginning, this comes with a price. When Gunmetal relies on this power, Cedric the Hunger uses it as a way to take control of their body.